ScuttleBuddy - The Do-It-Yourself Attic Access Insulation Solution

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to save energy. . . . and money too!

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Are your
energy dollars
going through the roof?

Your attic access (scuttle hole) may be poorly insulated....
...wasting energy and costing you money.

What is ScuttleBuddy?

The ONLY attic access insulation retainer made for existing attic access openings.

·         Perfect for existing attic access openings or newly constructed

·         Uses the existing insulation for the attic door, attic panel or attic scuttle   

·         15 minute installation with just a screwdriver to most attic panels

·         No contractor or carpentry skills needed - no special tools, just a screwdriver!

·         No measuring or cutting of anything – not the product, nor attic joists, drywall or plywood

·         Patented design adjusts to any opening up to 42” in length

·         Perfect for tight attic spaces where high-walled products will not fit

·         Allows attic access from all sides – no climbing over high-walled access hatches

·         The most cost effective attic insulation retainer product on the market 

·         Meet the energy code as outlined in the IRC and IECC




How does ScuttleBuddy work?

Access to your attic may be via an attic door (attic panel, attic scuttle). All of these attic openings can waste energy at alarming rates. The attic opening is a rough carpentry opening that may have gaps and not be square which make the attic opening a prime location for energy leakage. Additionally, the attic insulation cannot fit into the attic opening without assistance because it is too wide.  Attic insulation rolls are typically 24” wide while the opening is about 22”. This creates an attic insulation energy gap where the attic panel is poorly insulated or not insulated at all.  For the attic to be insulated to meet the energy code the attic panel (attic door, attic scuttle) needs to be insulated to the same level as the attic space for optimum energy savings. The attic door (attic panel, attic scuttle) typically has attic insulation cut to fit the panel but as the video shows, attic insulation needs to be mechanically fit into the attic access door opening.  Our attic insulation retainer is the only one made specifically for an attic door (attic panel, attic scuttle) and not for an attic stairway.  No other attic access insulation method is faster or less expensive.  No other attic access insulation product uses the existing insulation or the existing panel.  Our product allows for 360 degree access to your attic while others restrict access due to bulky and high walls or swing-down panels that can restrict ladder placement.  No other attic access insulation product requires only a screwdriver to install, other attic access products require two men, carpentry skills and cost a lot more.


ScuttleBuddy - Video Demo

Click on the above image to view a short video presentation of ScuttleBuddy in action