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Energy savings in just 15 minutes!

Use the gloves, dust mask and eye protection to remove the access panel and insulation. Set them on a flat surface. The attic side of the panel should be facing up.  Start with the short sides of the panel.

1 - Hold retainer along edge of access panel and center it. Retainer should not overhang the panel. 

2 - Attach with screws as shown. Keep screws about 2" from each end. Repeat on the other short side.

3 - Long sides - start at corner and attach a retainer with one screw (point 'A' in photo).

4 - Attach a second retainer at the opposite end with one screw at 'B' - let the retainers overlap. Hold the two together near the center and place screws through both retainers (points 'C' and 'D'). Repeat for the other long side.

5 - Tuck the insulation into the box formed so it is flat against the access panel with no air space. 

Return the access panel to the opening, lower it into place and start saving energy!

ScuttleBuddy will fit any standard attic access (joists 24" on center); if smaller, ScuttleBuddy can be trimmed with a hack-saw or a utility knife. Only the short sides will need to be trimmed since the long sides overlap.

ScuttleBuddy screws to any panel 1/2" or thicker made of wood, Gypsum board or other similar material. If your panel is a thin material, such as metal or plastic, you can use an outdoor rated double sided tape to affix the retainers.

If your attic access is more than 24" wide no problem - ScuttleBuddy works on any opening up to 32", only 2 cuts will be required. Simply follow these steps:



Made in America